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Small Foil Balloons (11" - 18")

Welcome to our captivating collection of Small Foil Balloons! Discover a delightful array of balloons, sized between 11" and 18", that add a touch of charm to any celebration. From adorable animals and vibrant shapes to sparkling stars and heartwarming messages, our small foil balloons are perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, and special occasions. Create enchanting balloon bouquets, stunning centerpieces, or use them for fun photo props. Let these small wonders elevate your events and bring joy to every moment. 🎈✨ #SmallFoilBalloons #PartyDecor #CelebrateInStyle

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Marble Balloon - Black | The Party Hut
£1.46 OFF
Marble Sphere Balloon - Black | The Party Hut
£2.00 OFF
Blue & Green Marbles Orbz | The Party Hut
£2.00 OFF
Bravo! Balloon | The Party Hut
Sold out
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